Cindy Whitemarsh, KUSI News

Due to receiving 3 unlucky concussions, I was out for roughly a year. Not a good time, and I was definitely out of shape. When I finally got cleared by the doctor I knew it was my time to get back in it. Due to my lack of self-motivation, some extra help was needed. That’s when we called Jordan. When it finally came time to go back and play my first soccer game, I started, played almost the whole game, and wasn’t even tired. Jordan’s humor and ability to make me work hard and dig deep are what helped me do it. He didn’t give up on me so I didn’t give up on myself. Thank you Jordan!!! You really helped me in a time of need.

  • Karli
  • Happy Client
San Dieguito Swim Team

My training this summer with Jordan helped me become extremely prepared for preseason and college athletics. Just in the few weeks I have been at college I have noticed a difference from when I first started with him until now. Every session I could tell I was getting stronger. Jordan was able to help me in areas that I needed improvement and it has made a huge difference.

  • Makenna
  • Happy Client
Harvey White, Co-Founder Qualcomm

For years I’ve always worked out at those big corporate gyms, not really seeing any results, but more just maintaining my weight. Then a friend told me about Jordan Jackson and his mission and philosophy behind health and fitness. He helped me establish my personal fitness goals and laid out a nutritional plan for me to follow. I was already feeling confident that I made the right decision. In just a few months, I dropped over 3% body fat and noticed a huge difference in muscle tone in my arms, stomach and lower body. It’s been a year now, and I am more leaner and stronger than I ever been in my 38 years of life. My trainer’s constant motivation and commitment in assisting me to hit my personal goals was key to my success. I couldn’t of done it without him. Thank you Jordan for all your support!

  • Jackie
  • Happy Client
Eileen, Lost over 100 lbs

I would like to take this opportunity too express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my Trainer Jordan Jackson. I have been working with Jordan for the last 8-9 months and have achieved very favorable results in the areas of weight loss and my overall ?tness. Jordan has been a constant source of encouragement and a wealth of knowledge in my quest to once again become an athlete. Jordan is sincere and genuine in his approach when communicating goals and objectives for continuing my performance at home and while I am on vacation. I was injured at work in January, had a surgery in March and then was in a car accident in May. Jordan was instrumental in helping me recover from these injuries quickly by building strength and having the knowledge to avoid further injury or pain.

  • Eileen
  • Happy Client


Solana Beach, CA, USA


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