Fitness is our passion! We strive to expand our knowledge base and training techniques in order to constantly serve and provide the most relevant, tailored and personalized experience to a diversity of clients.


Fitness is readiness for everyone! Body Architect SD boosts health accountability towards all ages, including preparation of the youth to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, maximizing life and strong mobility within the elderly.

About Jordan Jackson

Jordan Jackson is an athletic trainer with 9 years of experience within the health and
fitness industry and backed by a BS degree in Kinesiology Exercise and EMT National
Certification. Jordan’s passion towards fitness training stems from his innate care of
others, and is heighted by his determination of bringing his clients goals to realization.
“Body Architect” doesn’t only represent the act of training and strength it
symbolizes the various stages (IDTDO) to ensure success and longevity of results.

  • Identification through Consultation

  • Design the Strategic Roadmap

  • Train

  • Develop & Build

  • Occupy the New You

As a dedicated Christian, Jordan also devotes his time to supporting the community and youth through leadership roles, outreach programs, martial arts and extracurricular sports activities.


About Nafisa

"Chief Operating Officer"

Nafisa’s entrepreneurial spirit began at a very early age of her life. From rushing back from elementary school in Ghana to sell homemade lollipop ice cream in her mom’s dress making shop to making hand woven crafts. Her love of fitness began at the age of twenty when she moved from Ghana to the United States. Her courage, energy and fearlessness to hold her dream of being the best and unique, fueled her enthusiasm to collaborate with BodyArchitectSD. She has since grown her passion for fitness and well-being by continuing to inspire women, men and children with a belief that winners do what losers don't. Her favorite saying is "TPR" Target Pass and Repeat. She believes winning comes from taking action. She developed a quality of winning within herself by never giving up even at times when she saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Her roadmap in life was to TARGET a goal, PASS that goal, and REPEAT in that order.

" I was the chubby bow legged girl with a gap in between my front teeth, as big as a missing tooth that kids would always make fun of. I had no athletic skills when I was growing up because I believed athletes were born with magical fitness capabilities that I didn't possess or could ever attain. I began to realize as an adult that you can push your yourself to great lengths by believing in yourself and having a positive attitude. I believe that change is the essence of life. We must be willing to surrender what we ARE to achieve what we can BECOME. We all possess an opportunity to bring greater joy and prosperity to this world. The secret to it all is how we perceive things. As you ride along with BodyArchitectSD, the question I have for you is, is your life half-empty or half-full? More importantly, what is even in your glass, and how long have you been holding on to it? My vision is to hold my dream to ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE"

"Winners do what losers don't."

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About Christopher Ransom

Christopher Ransom was born with Blounts, one of the rarest bone diseases. In his early years this condition caused Chris to neglect fitness and nutrition until September of 2017, When he decided to make a change. With patience and perseverance, He was able to accomplish his goals and more! Body architect Chris is confident and eager to continue in coaching the fitness lifestyle, so that others may gain the same respect of the mind/body that has propelled him to lead by example. 




Community Affiliations & Outreach



Training Programs




  • Sports Specific

  • Off Season Preparation

  • In Season Preparation

  • Performance Based

  • Dynamic Flexibility and Sports Flow

  • Strength/Agility/Conditioning Programs

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  • If paid on monthly basis in advance

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • 15 Fit Camps per month

  • $20 Single Drop in Fee

  • Pricing may vary based on participants

  • Days may be added by request

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  • Nutrition Consulting

  • Accountability

  • Increase Endurance

  • Partner Workouts

  • 2-3 People per class

  • Observe changes in body shape, strength and energy

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  • Virtual Training Option

  • Rehab & Prehab Specialty Options

  • Nutrition Consulting

  • Accountability

  • 2 Month minimum commitment

  • Observe changes in body shape, strength and energy

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